Gaming – The Missing Genre?

Walkerkarraa (2013), "Game Changer, Scrabble Letters" Retrieved from:

Walkerkarraa (2013), “Game Changer, Scrabble Letters” Retrieved from:

If the 4 C’s, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity are the skills of the 21st Century and if game design and gaming platforms offer these skills, my ponder continues to be why is it not embedded more in the Australian Curriculum / NSW Board of Studies Syllabus.  Where would it fit?  Would it be part of English as a genre to immerse as part of textual knowledge and quality texts? Would it be Science due in the Working Technologically component?  Is it a stand alone teaching task of a specialised teacher in ICT?

I am really passionate about games being used in our classrooms and am aware that there are a number of obstacles to overcome.  I am looking forward to undertaking INF541 and welcome others to share their wisdom by inviting them to comment at any time.

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