The Next Learning Chapter Begins

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Geralt (2010) "Shield" Retrieved from:

Geralt (2010) “Shield” Retrieved from:

Having just read the subject outline and Introduction to INF530 Concepts and Practices for a Digital Age, there is a definite knowledge that I am on a HUGE learning curve.  I have always thought that I was an active participant in social media and having just signed up, joined and renewed accounts that I have let sit idle for a very long time, I now realise I still have so much to learn and my participation may not be participatory.

Having completed my M. Ed (Teacher Librarianship) in 2013, I was introduced to the work of Joyce Valenza and one article which has always been remembered is “Fully Loaded: Outfitting a teacher librarian for the 21st century. Here’s what it takes”(Valenza, 2011).  Since the completion of the M. Ed (Teacher Librarianship) I was left with a feeling that there was more I needed to do to become ‘fully loaded’ in my role as teacher librarian at a large primary school.  Even, Valenza (2011) acknowledges in her article that the list she provided in 2011 would need to be reviewed regularly.  I have searched to see if she has updated her ‘fully loaded’ inventory and cannot seem to find a review and would love anyone to share if they have been successful in finding said review.

Geralt (2014) , "Street sign, note, direction" Retrieved frm:

Geralt (2014) , “Street sign, note, direction” Retrieved frm:

Another reason why I have embarked on this new chapter is that I am a mum of two curious and avid users of technology.  I am at a stage where I have to question my values as a parent as a ‘tweenager’ challenges my beliefs as he wants to play games such as ‘Call of Duty’ and all the other kids do it.  ‘Minecraft’ is a daily event building amazing worlds and sharing them online.  There are Instagram accounts and discussions about Snapchat.  They are using icloud to message their friends and call it a conversation.  Yes, as a mum, I have come to realise that I need to keep up-to-date and know what I am talking about when discussing the way they engage with their devices.

As I watched Douglas Thomas’, “A New Culture of Learning”, I was struck by his notion that the idea of learning should be “natural and effortless.”  I was equally impressed by the way he has defined the 4 components of learning:

1.  passion

2.  imagination

3.  constraint and

4.  play.

I reflected on these 4 components and pondered are these 4 components present for me in this the beginning of the next learning chapter.

Passion – I am passionate about working with our school learning community and advocating for change in the way educators teach. I am passionate that we need to equip our students with the necessary tools for their learning where technology is evolving so rapidly.

Imagination – The ‘what if?’ (Thomas, 2012) for me is what if all our students could effortlessly and seamlessly move from one app to another?  What if we allowed them to learn from their mistakes rather than making their efforts wrong?  What if we allowed students to design their own learning through their own inquiry rather than teaching them what they already know?

Constraint – The obstacles in my way, time (as for every person on the planet!) My own beliefs in my own technological abilities.

Play – Am I willing to have some FUN on this new journey….absolutely.  Let’s look at this next chapter as play rather than work, something to be enjoyed rather than endured.