Guest Colloquium – Dr Ross Todd

Concerns around the future of education: How do we move forward? How do we cater for students who are born into a cyborg nation?

  • Break down of boundaries between human and machine
  • Technology is playing a critical role in challenging the ideas and notions that shape our very beings
  • How do we engage with technology with a focus on the ‘human’ being and foster the wellbeing of human kind.

Superconnected (2016)

  • How do we move to the future with the problematic break down about how we think about our life?
  • “Digital life is simply real life”
  • We talk about digital natives and digital citizens as though they are seperate – what are the problems around the use of those terms?

Human Agency is the key to digital futures

How do we use technology to disrupt our thinking?

Personal Agency – the human side of education

  • Role of encouraging and nurturing


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