The Information Hierarchy and Different Types of Knowledge

Having read about the information hierarchy, it is interesting to me that many students use the term ‘knowledge’ as a synonym for the word ‘information,’ when information implies a collection of facts whereas knowledge implies knowing and understanding these facts so that they can be recalled and used in the future. Maybe this is a distinction that the students will benefit from partaking in a discussion about?

When reading about the different types of knowledge, which includes societal knowledge or information, I wonder, in our current age of information overload, how this is affecting the information that is valued by society as a whole? What are the implications for future generations? As future teacher librarians, we will be instrumental in educating students, teachers and the wider school community in how they should navigate a constantly changing digital environment where they will have greater access to more information than ever before. We will also have to address and equip them will the skills to navigate reliable information from trustworthy sources as search engines, such as Google, become personalised to a greater degree.

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