About me: My name is Amarnath Reddy Samala , I am pursuing masters in information technology in Charles sturt university.

Project Title: Emerging Technologies & Innovation – Edge Computing

Blog Site Address: https://thinkspace.csu.edu.au/amarnathreddy/

Project Problem Domain: having problems with bridged, Nat-ing and Border gateway protocols configurations. Edge computers consumes high bandwidth and connectivity should be more than 40 GIG per instances.

Background/Context/Description: Edge Computing is a Disruptive Technology. Works with multiple networks through low latency with high security environment. It reduces the services. It works like Content delivery network.


Project Aim/Objectives: To speed up the cloud technology. Improves performance, data privacy, data security and compliance and reduces the operational cost.

Scope: Cloud Server, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, IBM SoftLayer

Not in scope: L1 Network Switches. Outdated Switches and core Routers

Deliverables/Outcomes:  cloud, applications, data, security, low-latency

Resources:  Routers, Core Routers, Super Computers, virtualizations.