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INF 532 Using Twitter

Collaboration in Action

I have had a Twitter account for the past 12 months, however, I don’t think I Tweeted anything until February this year…didn’t really know how. I didn’t understand the fundamental principles required. I didn’t know how to use a #, or that I needed to put a @ in front of my name. So much I needed to learn; so I investigated this micro-blogging platform of social media by watching You Tube clips and reading up on this trendy way to connect to other people like me.

This is what I have found out thus far:

A hashtag is a word or phrase with # in front of it, for example #socialmedia. It was first used by Twitter but is now used by many other social media platfroms such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Vine and Pinterest. The hashtag identifies the topic/s of social media messages so others who share similar interests will be alerted to the message (Fontein, 2016). #Cool

Handle is a way of saying your Twitter account name. My handle is @adrigill7 Go on click on it an follow me!

A live Tweet is when you post comments and participate in Twitter conversations while an event or situation is happening (Fontein, 2016) in real time. For example when we had our Google Hangout meeting with the USA crew some in the meeting were Tweeting at the same time. Not me though as I’m not up to multitasking with social media while networking just yet.

You can also retweet, like, reply and/or direct message the person who has Tweeted a message.

140 characters is all you can use in any one message. So you need to be very concise with what you write.

There is a lot I need to learn if I am to become an effective user of Twitter, however, with baby steps I will get there.

I also have a Thinkspace Blog, called Creating Our Future, and have been trying to improve its apprearance, which brings me to sharing with you the effectiveness of connecting and collaborating through using a collection of digital tools.

During our online meeting, while connecting through Adobe Connect, I shared with the group I didn’t know how to embed my Twitter feed onto the sidebar of my Thinkspace Blog. Graciously a few classmates jumped in to help me. Later that evening I received messages via Twitter with links to You Tube where screencasts were uploaded demonstrating how to perfrom this task.

WOW, how gracious are these people I have met online?

So please sit back enjoy this wonderful demonstration by Gretha, who can be found at @GrethaWocke. By the way Gretha lives in Switzerland.

 Used with permission (Wocke, 2017)

I hope you enjoyed reading about how collaborating with others in our globally connected world can be instumental in solving problems.

All you have to do is ask!  



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 Retrieved from https://blog.hootsuite.com/social-media-glossary-definitions/

Wocke, G. (2017). TweetstoBlog. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nk0NztZscc&feature=youtu.be



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3 thoughts on “INF 532 Using Twitter

  1. Fiona Jostsons

    Hi Adrienne, I love this! I’m so sorry that my link to the screencast didn’t work. I’ve watched Gretha’s and mine was very similar! But I have a lot more Umms and Ahhs in there than Gretha! All good. Your blog looks great! I like that your blog has lots of visuals and its easy to read. Are you using Feedly or Diigo to filter blog posts? How do you think we can use them effectively? Look forward to more posts!

    1. Adrienne Gillingham (Post author)

      Hi Fiona. I’m sorry I couldn’t see your clip either, especially since you took the time to assist me, thankyou. I do not use Diigo or Feedly to filter blog posts…didn’t know I could. I use Diigo as a bookmark for resources, have not used Feedly at all. Must check it out.

  2. Gretha

    Ha! I have been referenced in a bibliography – fancy that!

    I agree with Fiona that your blog is visually very appealing and easy to read.
    Good luck!


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