ETL504 – Journal entry

ETL504 – Journal Entry

My learning journey these recent weeks has been revolving around the material we will be using for Assignment 2.  What a learning curve it has been!  Having never written a vision statement before, or a report of this magnitude, (or in fact, having ever worked in a school library) it has once again been very overwhelming at times.  So many different concepts to take in.  I particularly enjoy learning about the leadership role of the Teacher Librarian (TL).  I have found Browning’s (2007) readings very informative in this area. As he reminds us, any change to the status quo often brings with it a feeling of uncertainty and trust in a transformational leader is needed in this situation more than ever.

I can see how the different styles of leadership could play a major role in the success of a project such as the restructuring of the library we are writing about in Assignment 2.   Reading and researching this assignment has led me to thinking about responsibilities of a TL that I had never considered before.  With being involved in everything from the building plans to staff development, I now realise the TL is much more involved than simply choosing the books for the new library.

However after reading and ruminating over all these new and mind boggling concepts, I take comfort from the words of Barbara Combes (2006) when she tells that whatever teaching strategies or information landscapes or technical environments we may find ourselves participating in, to never lose sight of the fact that the library’s core business is that of teaching and learning


Browning, P. (2013). Creating the conditions for transformational change.  Australian Educational Leader. 35(3) 14-17.

Combes, B. (2006) Challenges for teacher librarianship in the 21st century: Part 3 – Status and role. Paper presented at the Libraries linking learning and literacies conference, South Africa, 8-11 August 2006.


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