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    I can see it and it looks great.


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    Topic 1: Searching Library Databases.
    As a first time user of the CSU online library, I was a bit apprehensive about whether I would actually be able to find anything! So the first thing I did was watch the Library Website Tour Video, and the Library “Watch-it” Tutorial. Following these instructions I started with Primo Search and the journal databases. I learned that we have free access to over 100 databases as students at CSU. I would highly recommend this tutorial for anyone who isn’t completely familiar with the online library process.

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    Topic 2: ETL401
    The role of the TL:
    As I am not yet employed as a TL my understanding of the role may not be as clear as it is too many of you who are already in the enviable position of working in this area (you have my sincere admiration)! However a description I keep coming across is that TLs are “uniquely qualified” or possess “unique qualities”. Who wouldn’t want to be described in this manner!
    From what I can ascertain, TLs not only need to be knowledgeable in educational policies and curriculum planning, but also to be competent teachers and have excellent library and information management skills as well. I would imagine a high level of communication and negotiation skills would also be useful, when attempting to convince executive staff members of your school to approve funding for increased resources and staff etc. I am very interested to hear what everyone else’s view of this role is.


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