Speech Pathology & Social Media #together!

Speech Pathology & Social Media

Social media’s popularity has influenced research, such as that by Zhang (2010), the University of South Carolina (2014), and Reich (2010), all of which concluded that social media creates a sense of community and belonging within its users. For the adolescent demographic especially, this is a vital component in developing a sense of self. Using our knowledge of social media and applying it to Speech Pathology practice, we can ensure we are abiding by client-centred practice (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, 2014) and including all elements of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health Framework (World Health Organisation, 2002). This holistically supports the client’s individual needs, providing the best quality practice and service.

Speech Pathologists are also beginning to move into the online world. Founded in March 2014, queens of paediatric Speech Pathology, Caroline Bowen and Bronwyn Hemsley, created the Twitter account @WeSpeechies. It serves as a curation point for Speech Pathologists and students to promote international professional communication. As of August 2015, @WeSpeechies had over 4,000 followers! It provides support, education and resources with just a few strokes of a keyboard. Other examples of the Speech Pathology related Twitter accounts include: @SLPeeps, @Worldwidespeech, @therapyideas, @speechBITE and @ASHAJournals.

In example, this is us @CsuSpeech reaching out to #wespeechies and #SLPeeps

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 11.12.22 pm

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