PLN’s and Digital Citizenship


Over the past 10 weeks doing the ETL523 subject I have found the course to be extremely interesting and challenging at the same time. I know that I have been growing/supporting my own PLN over the past 4 years through Twitter, Google+. Blogging, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and learning what it means to be a digital citizen. I have actively worked with my students the past few weeks in developing their understanding of digital citizenship and how they could use social media for learning. They already use Facebook to chat about school, use Skype when discussing work, but now I want to show them the potential of Twitter and other tools to create their own PLN. It’s going slowly, trialling some ideas with my history students in-between all the curriculum we need to cover, and it is really a learning process. Feel free to check out the hashtag that we are using in the class #mhrcc16. More experiments and exploration to follow in the coming weeks. Any advice or suggestions is always appreciated.


Now my focus over the next 3 weeks turn to the final assignment in the course and preparing for 2 intense weeks of Conferences, training and events that follow it.

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  1. Hi Jacques
    Over the last few years I have also been trying to grow my PLN using Twitter. A Politics teacher at school joined Twitter with some encouragement from me around the same time and has been using it with her year 11 and 12 classes too. She implemented a Twitter Tuesday where students were encouraged to tweet a resource/fact/statistic/image that was relevant to the course work. Your hashtag has started off well. This will a good example to show other teachers that Twitter is valuable to extend the learning in the classroom.

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