The Start


I’m sitting here tonight getting myself ready to launch into my first Masters of Education (Knowledge Networks & Digital Innovation) subject, INF530 Concepts & Practices for a Digital Age. What an exciting course to start this new learning journey with, and I’m nervous and excited at the same time. There will be a learning curve, there will be challenges and there will be frustrations, but the growth that lies ahead is so inviting. From deciding to enroll in this course 6 months ago, to now, the anticipation has been building.  Now the time is here.

I’m looking forward to this journey; Learning alongside so many wonderful educators and being challenged in my thinking by the incredible lecturers involved. ‘Always Learning’ is part of my motto with everything I do, and I’m looking forward to doing this with everyone in this course over the next few years.


Image: creative commons licensed (BY 2.0) Flickr photo by Official US Navy Page: