Module 4.3 – Observation

A I strolled through the grounds at school and took myself back to my initial day at the school. Boy, was I lost! The school has several different entry points. That in itself would be confusing for anyone.

Walking along I noticed that I met with a map of the school indicating significant buildings within the school grounds. I certainly felt that this map needed to be a little clearer. Firstly, the map did not indicate my position. Secondly, I noticed that was turning my head to get my bearings.

As I continued my walk, I noticed a number of signs to assist navigation throughout the building. The grounds also have numerous grounds men who I would have asked if necessary.

Following on from here, I observed the use of space. The school is remarkable. There are a number of heritage listed buildings on the site mixed with modern structures. The grounds are well kept, the gardens are divine and a view overlooking the harbour. Keeping all of this in mind the space has been well used creating an inviting environment that is workable educational environment.

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