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Observation Task

The area of my daily routine that might be up for improvements would be our Preparatory School staffroom.

Prior to school starting I entered the staffroom. I positioned myself to ensure I had a clear view of the area and kept a careful eye on the events, interactions and actions that took place. Given that the staffroom is a central place for all staff, the majority of staff members visit the room prior to starting their day. Within the room stands a large whiteboard where announcements are made, changes to daily routine are posted and absent staff members are recorded. As this board holds numerous details each person who entered the room initially look to identify events that interfere with their day. As the staff glance at the board its almost although they decipher the relevant to irrelevant and move on.

Often the next course of action is a visit to the fridge. The door is swung open, either items are moved, added or removed. Milk was most commonly removed and replaced item from the fridge as many staff members started their working day with a tea or coffee.

Following on from here, the dishwasher was opened and emptied from the previous day. Interestingly once the dishwasher door opened and a staff member began the process, other staff assisted. There was no request for assistance. I watched as cupboard doors swung open and closed, items were stacked and crockery clinked together.

The breakfast club enters towards the end of my observation. One hovers over the toaster waiting for their toast to spring up, another drowning his cereal with milk, and a final individual is pouring boiling water over his porridge and recklessly stirring to mix in the honey.  There is minimal bench space so individuals are waiting almost in line for their opportunity to rest a plate or bowl or to slide in to get the Zip tap.

Amongst all of this conversations were taking place. The conversations varied, some of work, some of individuals and others about personal life. Conversations regarding work led to note taking and follow up requests. Giggles came from others having personal life conversations riddle with sarcasm.

In the background sits one individual with his head down glued to the newspaper. Not a sound from him until he reads a point that moves him. He does not intentionally engage other staff, he is just commenting on what he has read. Some surrounding staff do quiz him with regards to his gestures and he happily responds.

Despite numerous conversations taking place, the room is reasonably quiet. The mood is upbeat and all staff display enthusiasm to start the day.

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