Budgeting for a School Library Collection

Reflective questions from Module 3: Accession and Acquisition Should teacher librarians have the responsibility of submitting a budget proposal to fund the library collection to the school’s senior management and/or the school community? Or should such proposals come from a wider group such as a school library committee? I believe the teacher librarian is the […]

Online Curation Tool – Pinterest

Whilst working through the content for the course ETL503, I have found that many libraries and librarians will curate their collections online using a curation tool. I have decided to explore Pinterest as a curation tool to review its effectiveness. Within Pinterest, there were a number of curated library collections from a variety of sources […]

Quality vs. Popular Resources in Libraries

Within library resources, there exists a debate between academic and popular resources. The Northcentral University indicates there is a clear divide between academic and popular resources (Northcentral University, 2019). This debate can be translated to primary schools with what teacher librarians deem as quality educational resources and popular resources desired by students. Form personal experience, […]

Fiction vs. Non-Fiction

Current literature surrounding resources used within the library and classrooms indicates a tension between non-fiction and fiction resources with dominance placed upon non-fiction texts (Mosle, 2012). From my personal experience, I have found that most classrooms will focus on explicit teaching of the key learning areas using non-fiction resources whereas fiction resources are used as […]