Blog Task #2 – Observation



Each morning I stop to get a hot chocolate at a coffee shop on the way to work. The cafe is on a busy road and not in the suburb I live in. The cafe is frequented in the early morning by tradesmen and women and commuters as there is a train station nearby. There is also a gym upstairs in the next building. The cafe itself is quite spacious but is hard to navigate when it is busy. If you are unfortunate to get there at a  busy time you quite often find yourself wondering where to stand. Because there is a ramp for disabled access a lot of room becomes dead space. The side wall of the coffee counter to the left is quite high and too high to pass drinks over to where customers could be waiting. Instead customers gather along the skinny walkway waiting for their drinks. Sometimes when it is very busy it is hard for staff to know who is waiting to order or who is is waiting for their drink. People also stand in front of the chiller cabinet which houses things like foccacias, quiche and salads. The area gets very congested as their is now where to stand while waiting for coffee. In the area that has become the designated waiting place, people are mostly friendly and accommodating. Many of the tradespeople work together or know each other so they are happy to get out of the way. When there is a person visiting for the first time, it gets confusing as they do not know where to stand and wait or who has ordered and who hasn’t.

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  1. hmmm hot chocolate to start the day 🙂 interesting that they haven’t thought about a space for the waiting takeaway customers or if they have, they haven’t solved it.

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