April 12

Corporeal and hyper real worlds Reflection Module 2.3

Kinect for classroom. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffNRfO1HrpM

What could a handheld device connected to a second player screen be used for in the classroom?

I envision some very literal uses for a handheld device in terms of sports training; learning and training to throw the discuss or play tennis or bowl a ball in cricket, but also as a reflective tool. I imagine using it to look back at performance and reflect on possible improvements. I can imagine in the performing arts, music, singing and dance the applications could be quite similar.

On the other hand it has potential to cater more widely for different learning styles. The kinaesthetic learners learn through physical activity, the aural learners who respond to sound and music, the visual learners who need to see things to understand and remember…etc Given the right stimulus, in the form of a game which suites the needs of the context, interaction with this more physical, visual and aural environment would definitely improve engagement and learning.

The trick here is finding the right software to suite needs and then working out the logistics of a classroom full of kids…and maybe one screen. I know it has potential but the implementation would have to be carefully planned to make it effective.

Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBGkSuaqWEE

How has this vision of home and user interaction changed since 2009 (Project Natal, Project Milo). How has media shifted?

Media seems to have shifted to accommodate the devices we already own and to get them to talk to each other rather than requiring a particular device in order to achieve a purpose. Smart TVs exist and the majority of people have smart phones and devices so the development of apps to manipulate that existing technology seems to make more sense. There seems also to be a shift to more mobile and transferable uses as opposed to the very static and fixed nature of a TV and game console. The interesting use of the Smartglass app is how while watching a movie on one screen the other can explore different features /parts or information about the movie. This seems to cater to a generation of technology users who have “hyperlinked” minds. They are so used to the internet mode of consuming media that their minds want to be “hyperlinking “to other aspects of the topic while watching.



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