ETL 411 – Topic 3 – ICT Integration

I integrate ICT into my classroom daily. To be honest, I’d be lost without it. I think too, that that can also be a danger for some teachers; we become to reliant on technology.

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Smartboard: I use the smartboard for everything! I have a visual timetable with picture icons that link to my programs and lesson content for the day. I have a lot of kiddies (stage 2 – yr 3 &4) that need that visual support, so this works well. I also have two students with autism that need strict structure and need to know, what comes next. There are 5 students in my classroom with expressive/receptive language delay, so the visuals help them to process information.
Zoowhiz: This is a new website we have been introduced to at school and is currently on trial. I think it is fantastic, and the kids do as well! During literacy groups, one of the rotations is zoowhiz on the laptops. Zoowhiz is like mathletics and studyladder. Students can work through tasks that have either been set by you or not. It incorporates english and maths. Students earn money as they complete tasks to then build a zoo. They absolutely love it! Very engaging and motivating.

Laptops: At the moment in Science we are working on the topic “Indoors and Outdoors”. This topic looks at built environments. For something different, the students are doing a project on towers. They need to plan and then build a model of a tower that stands at least 1m high, unsupported and be able to hold an empty tissue box. The tower must be made at school. Along with the model they also have to hand in a design folio. This requires them to use microsoft word. They need to import a scanned image of their original sketch, import a photo of their completed model and write, edit and publish. Throughout the task, students answer questions such as what is the purpose of the tower, what difficulties they had, what changes they made etc. I have given the students a copy of a blank proforma that they may use and I’ve uploaded it onto their laptops. I’m excited to see what they all come up with.
CHOIR: again on the smartboard. I have a smart notebook with all of the choir music and lyrics. I have linked a sound file to a button so that when it is clicked, the song plays. Saves taking out the CD a million times.
PM Readers: I have two kiddies that have severe learning needs and are at a level 3 for reading. So during literacy groups they access the PM Reader software on the computers. They love it!
After learning about the web 2.0 tools for the assignment I can’t wait to utilise those as well in the classroom. Next term I plan to use story board as part of the English sessions 🙂

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