Accountability and Research Topic 2

Image retrieved 2nd August 2014 from

Image retrieved 2nd August 2014 from

It has become clear at the completion of this topic that the teacher librarian’s priority is to promote an environment where students can become and grow as successful learners. In order for this to happen several others factors need to addressed: Teacher and teacher librarian collaboration, library maintenance and management and a promotion of literacy in all forms.

These priorities can be made clear through proactive measures such as attending staff and stage meetings, actively seeking professional development in other key learning areas (particularly now that the new Australian curriculum is progressively being implemented), organising events such as: book week, premier’s reading challenge and author visits, engaging students to partake in roles within the library e.g. library monitors, hosting your own workshops to share your expertise in the areas of ICT and assisting teachers by resourcing the curriculum.

The need for modernisation would also be integral. The school community needs to see the teacher librarian as a leader and as a media specialist it is ideal that they are the ones to lead the school community into the 21st century. By reinventing the library, you are also changing the tired old perception that libraries are just about books and the librarian just sits behind the counter and once in a while scans a barcode.

With a proactive approach that is both helpful and inviting, you can make your priorities both clear and palatable to the school community.

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