Advantages of fog computing

Advantages of Fog computing
• Bringing data close to the user. Instead of housing information at data center sites far from the end-point, the Fog aims to place the data close to the end-user.
• Creating dense geographical distribution. First of all, big data and analytics can be done faster with better results. Second, administrators are able to support location-based mobility demands and not have to traverse the entire network. Third, these edge (Fog) systems would be created in such a way that real-time data analytics become a reality on a truly massive scale.
• True support for mobility and the IoT. By controlling data at various edge points, Fog computing integrates core cloud services with those of a truly distributed data center platform. As more services are created to benefit the end-user, edge and Fog networks will become more prevalent.
• Numerous verticals are ready to adopt. Many organizations are already adopting the concept of the Fog. Many different types of services aim to deliver rich content to the end-user. This spans IT shops, vendors, and entertainment companies as well

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