Search for online library space – process

Following my Blog Post #3 my colleagues have suggested that an online booking system benefit my learning space. As I am about to launch our re-vamped online library presence, I will endeavour to ensure that an effective online booking  system is included.

The process of re-designing the online library space has roughly followed the design thinking process as highlighted by Brown, T (2009) in Change by design. He suggests three ‘overlapping spaces rather than a sequence of orderly steps’ (Brown, p. 16), including: inspiration, ideation and implementation.

It became apparent in 2013 that the current online library space was inadequate and not meeting the learning needs of our students. (Inspiration).

So the search for a more effective system began with brainstorming and investigating alternatives. (Ideation)

Implementation followed a substantial period of prototyping – ie testing of the new system to check its suitability. (Implementation).


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