Implementation of online library space – constraints

The process of selection, prototyping and ultimately the implementation of the new online library space has been bounded by a range of constraints:

1. Quality learning – our school has embraced ‘Guided inquiry’ approach to learning (Kuhlthau, C, 2013 ) which encourages students to find and use a range of sources of information and ideas to increase their understanding of a problem, topic or issue. this means that students must have individual access to wide range of suitable resources.  An online library space must fulfil this function.

2. Australian Curriculum – General Capabilities – ICT Capability- An online library space must also fulfil this function (ACARA, 2013)

3. Role of the library- Hay, L (2012) Lonsdale. M (2011) and  Hough, M (2011) all affirm the role of the school library in providing an effective online library space for twenty-first century learning.

I have previously underestimated the connections between selection/modification of an online library system and its impact on learning. It clearly makes sense!


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