Creative Gathering at Graythwaite


A ‘Creative Gathering’  was held on Thursday afternoon 18th September, at ‘Graythwaite’ – the restored heritage house on the grounds of Shore School in Sydney. Attending were the project manager, a lecturer in Fine Arts, retired minister and his wife, library assistant staff and three teachers.

While enjoying afternoon tea, the Project manager explained the process of restoration, including the re-consideration of the space that has changed from a family home to a palliative care home and now to the location of office spaces and reception area.

A heritage architect restored the physical appearance of the building including re-doing the roof tiles and sandstone building blocks, while ‘space consultants’ were used to  re-configure the area of usable space to configure the buildings evolving purpose. A key design feature of the whole project seemed to be the balance of maintaining the integrity of the historic building while matching with contemporary purposes.

A wonderful afternoon!



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