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Just setting up the INF536 Blog!

A bit about my background for choosing this subject:

My high school is in the slow process of moving on from a library where there is a computer lab/laptop trolley access and (print) books as the main resources to something new. We’ve shifted the Year 11 & 12s who have a study period in the library for supervised study rather than randomly scattered across the school with no one allocated to help/supervise their learning in non-class times.

We’re not entirely sure what we’re moving towards exactly, but we know we want to move to the 21st century, one idea of which is e-books. I’m hoping to be able to attend the 2014 EduTech K-12 Library Managers Congress in June to help formulate our ideas for the library space. My principal and 2 other staff members came back with ideas from the 2013 EduTech with a wide range of ideas to consider so I’m hoping that I will be successful in my application for funding to attend on behalf of my high school in South Australia. (I originally wrote this post in April 2014 but wasn’t successful in my funding application for EduTech 2014 – hopefully next year.)

The library building itself was built in the mid 1970s, double storey, with the flexible planning unit in the upper level and the library on the bottom level (seemed to be all the rage at the time for schools in Adelaide that were built then). Over the Christmas break, we managed to get an update on the original burnt orange twist carpet to nice black and grey patterned carpet tiles and a paint job which married the red brick and light wood paneling together into a clean warm white wall space. We also had our orangey-red-tinged air-conditioning ducting painted the same white and enclosed a large section of it (where students’ were known to throw bags, books, pens and the like) to have the straw ceiling look no where near as bad as it had. Students were favourably impressed with the facelift when they returned for the 2014 school year.


This is what it looked like (with our hired moving crates just as we were starting to pack up as I forgot to take some before pics)

library original 3 library original 2


What it looked like soon after we had unpacked the 245 crates! Behind the new books stand is the new YR 11 & 12 study space.

Jan 2014_1 Jan 2014_3

Jan 2014_2Jan 2014_4

End of Term 1 2014 photos; we think this is what the main layout will be for a while. The brown bench under the green pinboard is going but hadn’t yet when I took the photos. I’m hoping to get the new books display and the empty bookshelf painted white in the next school holidays to tie in to the white theme. The Year 11& 12 study space is still rows of tables but having to fit up to 45 students in semester 1, and up to 80 students approximately in semester 2 in some lessons, limits what I can do with the furniture that I have.

IMG_0276[1] IMG_0274[1] IMG_0277[1] IMG_0273[1]

Hello world!


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Welcome to my new blogging experience 🙂

A little about me….

I’m a mum to 2 young boys (4 1/2 yrs & nearly 2 years old) at the start of this subject. They are a bit of a distraction already to trying to get uni stuff sorted out & done. Currently neither of them like to go to bed early so I can do uni work.

I am a secondary Teacher Librarian (0n contract) – with only a part-time home group (roll class) that I share with another part time teacher. I am not teaching any subjects at this stage this year. During Term 1, 2014, I am working at 0.8 FTE with a base rate for the remainder of the year at 0.6FTE. I was topped up for this term. This may change from term to term as to how much FTE I end up with. I’ve managed to have a whole day off this year as opposed to late starts/early finishes for the day. However, I’m home with my boys on Tuesdays so I’m not sure how much study will be done then if my husband works that day.

I already have completed a M Ed (Teacher Librarianship) through CSU.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot. When I saw the new M Ed and its focus, I was interested as I’ve struggled to get my head around ICT and integrating it in the classroom effectively. I saw it as an easy way to make sure I committed time to learning more about ICT, the library/Resource Centre and general classroom integration. I know I need to understand more than just the bare minimum to be an effective teacher, let alone a innovative, readily employable Teacher Librarian. Being a Teacher Librarian is where my passion is at the moment, more than being in the classroom full-time (or as much as my contracts allow). I’m hoping this may also be the thing that tips me over to gaining a permanent position in a school.

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