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Posted by Liz Eckert | Posted in INF537 | Posted on October 1, 2015

I have included my draft questions for my teacher survey. This survey is using Surveymonkey. I am not sure that the formatting will translate when I publish this post, so please ignore the formatting errors. 

Teacher Survey

This survey is for teachers and administrators of Foundation – 12 schools and Year 7/8 – 12 schools, with a focus on secondary schooling levels. The aim of the study that this survey is linked to is to investigate the question “To what extent does school policy match practice in terms of student’s mobile phones?” as a part of a Masters of Education with Charles Sturt University.
From Question 4, the term “mobile phone policy” will include either a stand-alone mobile phone policy OR an acceptable use policy for the school.
Thank you for your participation in this survey. The results may be published anonymously with any identifying data removed.

*1. What socio-economic status is your school?

*2. In what education sector is your school?

*3. Does your school have an official mobile phone policy document?

*4. Does your school policy allow the use of mobile phones in the classroom?

*5. How often do you follow your school’s mobile phone policy in the classroom?

*6. Do you have issues with students when enforcing your school’s mobile phone policy?

*7. How distracting are mobile phones in your classroom?

*8. On a scale of 1 (very concerned) to 5 (definitely not concerned), please rate how much you feel your school mobile phone policy is concerned with each of the following statements.

Very concerned Somewhat concerned Neither concerned or not concerned Somewhat not concerned Definitely not concerned Unsure
Reducing classroom disruptions
Maintaining security of members of the school community
Protecting student and staff privacy
Prevention of cyberbullying
Preventing cheating and academic dishonesty

*9. Do you think your school’s mobile phone policy should allow educational use of mobile phones in the classroom?

*10. Would you consider mobile phones in the classroom for educational purposes, regardless of your current school policy? Please share what you do, or would like to, use them for.

Please share what mobile phone uses for educational purposes in class you would like students to be able to do.

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Hi Liz,
Some thoughts below.

Would all staff know the SES level?
Prevention of cyberbullying – should change to preventing to keep same tense as other stems
Do you need to define educational use more specifically?

It will be interesting to read through the results of this survey.

I thought some staff may know which could be helpful in analysis of what the policy says in regard to using phones in classrooms. I realised some may not so I’ve put unsure as an option for that. Will change the tense issues. I’m not sure I want to define what educational use is, part of what I want to find out is what teachers think educational use is

Hi Liz,
I guess the SES may affect equity and access to mobile phones in many schools. I am certainly careful to remind students using their phones for class purposes about data usage implications. I find it quite frustrating in the past to think that most of them carry a “computer” in their pocket and we weren’t allowed to use it. Now we can use it for learning if the teacher permits. I believe the “locked in your locker during class time” is about to be replaced by “in class, on the table where the teacher can see it” rule at our school but have only heard this on the grapevine.
Hopefully you get some good feedback.

I would like to see if the type of policy is related to the SES level. But I realise I may not be able to draw this conclusion given time constraints for the case study.

Good Liz – you have expanded options and this survey is now more inclusive. Good luck.


This was an interesting survey about mobile phone use in the classroom. Smart phones are much more affordable now and students may find this technology more accessible in low SES schools. They are easier to replace, transport and maintain. Exciting 3D technologies are also being developed for virtual worlds using Google cardboard.

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