Student survey questions (feedback requested)


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I have included my draft questions for my student survey. This survey is using Surveymonkey. I am not sure that the formatting will translate when I publish this post, so please ignore the formatting errors. 


Mobile Phone Policy vs Practice Student Survey

Student survey

This survey is for students in a secondary schooling setting. The aim of the study that this survey is linked to is to investigate the question “To what extent does school policy match practice in terms of student’s mobile phones?” as a part of a Masters of Education with Charles Sturt University.

Please answer all questions honestly.

Thank you for your participation in this survey. The results may be published anonymously with any identifying data removed.

*1. In what education sector is your school?

*2. What state or territory of Australia do you live in?

*3. I am a student at Year

*4. Does your school have an official mobile phone policy document?

*5. Does your school’s mobile phone policy allows mobile phones to be used in the classroom?

6. On a scale of 1 to 5, please rank your teachers enforcement of your school’s mobile phone policy on the following statements.

Strongly disagree Disagree Neither agree or disagree Agree Strongly agree
All my teachers enforce the school mobile phone policy
Some of my teachers ignore mobile phone use in the classroom
Some of my teachers allow mobile phone use in the classroom for specific circumstances (for example, in Maths my mobile phone is permitted to be used as a calculator)
My teachers do not enforce the school mobile phone policy at all

*7. On a scale of 1 (very concerned) to 5 (definitely not concerned), please rate how much you feel your school mobile phone policy is concerned with each of the following statements.

Very concerned Somewhat concerned Neither concerned or not concerned Somewhat not concerned Definitely not concerned Unsure
Reducing classroom disruptions
Maintaining security of members of the school community
Protecting student and staff privacy
Prevention of cyberbullying
Preventing cheating and academic dishonesty

*8. How distracting are mobile phones in the classroom for students?

9. Do you think your school’s mobile phone policy should allow educational use of your mobile phone in the classroom?

Digital Scholarship Interpretive Discussion Paper


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I received my interpretive discussion paper back today and I was happier than I thought I’d be. It was a credit level piece and I was expecting more of a pass level, mainly because I felt very stressed at the time of writing it and didn’t expect to meet more of the credit level criteria. However I am happy with the mark and reasonably content with it. I am sharing it here.

I am looking forward to possibly seeing other people’s discussion papers to see what aspect of digital scholarship they discussed.

Case Study Research – Mobile Phone Policies


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I’ve been a little under the weather lately (illness, marking and report writing) and I haven’t been getting into the research of mobile phone policies as much as I wanted to by now for my case study. Doing my research of policies so far has been through Twitter and Facebook groups.


I’ve tweeted out a request several times. I must remember to do this earlier in the day as well (or at least schedule earlier)

looking for mobile phone school policies (in Aust) – those that allow use in classrooms & no use in classrooms) #casestudy#INF537 PLS RT

I haven’t had a huge response with helpful links/policies which is why I think I need to vary my timing. I have had a couple which are mainly from MEd (KN&DI) students.

Facebook Groups:

Tonight I finally found the time to write up the post that I wanted to outline what I was looking for from 3 different Teacher Facebook groups.

Hi all, I’m currently in my final subject of M Ed (Knowledge Networks & Digital Innovations) and my final assignment has me looking at mobile phone policies in practice {Actual Question= To what extent does school policy match practice in terms of student’s mobile phones?} I’m currently looking for school policies that allow mobile phones in class and do not allow mobile phones in class. If there’s an online link to school mobile phone policies that you can share to your school/previous school/s that would be great thanks (you can also PM me if you prefer). I will be looking at doing a survey for teaching staff and students at schools as well after reading a number of policies. I’m intending to focus on Australian schools (secondary or Foundation to 12 levels).

I’ve had a few responses, particularly on the Adelaide based group with policy links and people looking on their school websites to see if their school policy is on there. It has been interesting to hear of that a number of schools don’t have a mobile phone policy on their school website. In response to finding this out I’ve also said that I would be happy to have a scanned copy of their policy instead if that were possible. A number of the teachers have already said they are keen to do the survey when I’ve done it as well.

Other possible sources:

I’m also thinking that I will draft an email up for 2 e-lists (slasanet & oztlnet) that I am on to see if I can get some more electronic copies of mobile phone policies. I’m looking at doing this in the next day or so.

Another source that I was originally thinking of was the myschool website but if a reasonable number of schools do not post their policy on websites, that may take a lot longer for things to progress.


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