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Posted by Liz Eckert | Posted in INF506 | Posted on December 17, 2014

If you’re a teacher who is a member of a Facebook teaching group please complete the following survey for me. I have posted in 2 groups that I’m a member of, so if you are part of either of those groups please fill this survey out. I have posted the link there as well.

I’m studying towards M Ed (Knowledge Networks & Digital Innovations) at Charles Sturt Uni and I’m required to do a case study using social media/ networking for my current subject. As part of this case study I am looking at Facebook groups for teachers.

I would appreciate it if you could fill in the survey (link below) to help me out. The raw data will only be seen by my lecturer and me. The statistical results may be published via my blog for uni purposes. There is no personal identifying data attached to this survey and more than one group is being asked to complete this survey.

The survey will be open until Christmas Day. I understand that many teachers are exhausted coming in the Christmas break but I do appreciate the time taken to fill out the survey. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.
Thank you for your assistance.

INF506 Case Study Proposal


Posted by Liz Eckert | Posted in INF506 | Posted on December 8, 2014

Technologies to be used:

  • Facebook groups
    • Relief Teaching Ideas Community (RTIC)
    • Teachers of Adelaide (ToA)
    • Survey monkey

Proposed title:

How teachers can use Facebook Groups to connect with and support others as part of a Personal Learning Network (PLN).


RTIC has over 10,000 members and ToA has over 2,000 members in closed Facebook groups. RTIC is Australia wide. ToA is for teachers in South Australia. Professional development and classroom activity ideas are shared. A number of questions are asked about registration requirements and are often state related. There are topics which are national rather than state based which are also discussed in both groups. Both of these groups are not age, subject or educational sector specific.

Expected outcomes

It is anticipated that this case study will attempt to answer some of the questions of why and how a Facebook group such as RTIC and ToA can be useful as a part of a teacher’s e-PLN. It will also consider why the creation of such groups is useful and helpful for non-permanent teachers.

Project plan timeline

  • 8 Dec – 14 Dec
    • Review literature
      • In particular, regarding connecting when not with school sites regularly – eg accessing  Professional development
      • Develop survey questions
      • Develop interview questions for Group admins of both FB groups
      • Ask group admins if they would respond to written interview questions
  • 15 Dec – 21 Dec
    • Survey groups via survey monkey
    • Interview group admins
    • Send interview questions
    • Continue literature review
  • 22 Dec – 28 Dec
    • Draft case study report
    • Further research as required
  • 29 Dec – 5 Jan
    • Complete case study report


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