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Posted by Liz Eckert | Posted in INF536 | Posted on August 21, 2014

I’m struggling to figure out my first article/literature piece to use in my review. I know that once I get the first article figured out, the rest should come a lot easier; at least they have in the past for me.

I figured I start by jotting down some notes & understanding of design theory so far and then theories of learning. It might help, might not but at least I’d be trying to start.

Design theory

I think I’m still a fair bit confused about this, particularly when you throw in design thinking into the mix and they’re not interchangeable.

Readings that I already have a vague understanding about

The C-K one (the known-knowns, known-unknowns, unknown-unknowns). Still not a 100% clear on this one. I’m not sure I even will be. I probably need to include this one although I’m not sure that it’s not design thinking instead of theory.

Back to Module 1, I think for a few of the theory readings.

Theories of learning

Constructivist, Behaviourist, and there’s a newer one … (I can’t remember now if I saw it in INF530 or INF536)


Hatchuel, A., Le Masson, P., & Weil, B. (2004). CK theory in practice: lessons from industrial applications. In DS 32: Proceedings of DESIGN 2004, the 8th International Design Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia.http://www.designsociety.org/download-publication/19760/c-k_theory_in_practice_lessons_from_industrial_applications

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