Facing up to Mackintosh


Posted by Liz Eckert | Posted in INF536 | Posted on August 2, 2014

Response to task

When asked “What should an art school building provide?”, Muriel Gray in the excerpt above provides what might be reframed as a Design Brief, using the existing Mackintosh Building at the Glasgow School of Art as an example. How would you answer the equivalent question for your own learning setting? What should an elementary school space provide? What should an insurance company building provide for its learners? What should a university provide?

And beyond the physical space, what is the role of other actors and elements in helping learners learn beyond their existing capacities?

Excerpt link

My question for my learning setting would be: What should a secondary school (library) space provide?

  • access to wider internet – not just a school intranet
  • access to information (print or electronic)
  • teachers & staff who act as facilitators to learning
  • inspiring yet not being too broad in the inspiration or too confining of possibilities
  • not being too narrow in expectations of student/teacher possibilities
  • space to think/ponder new knowledge/ideas
  • space to discuss and develop deeper understanding of concepts/skills
  • welcoming of all
  • not intimidating
  • space to help others learn, student to student, student to teacher, teacher to student, teacher to teacher
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