Critical Reflection Part B of Assessment 8


Posted by Liz Eckert | Posted in INF530 | Posted on June 1, 2014

Reflections on my study of INF530 Concepts and Practices for a Digital Age.

Looking back at my blog, I didn’t realise I had been so prolific, this post will be number 50. I have used my blogging experiences to take my notes, to show my learning and questions on the various topics. I did this in more detail early on with Modules 1 – 3 as we had a longer timeframe to complete them. I have found that when I didn’t blog as much, that my learning was not as strong. I also blogged extensively when notetaking for my scholarly book review. Reading others blogs helped me expand my knowledge and understanding. Jerry at thinkspace was particularly useful while I was writing my scholarly book review as we were both reviewing the same book. We had a discussion via blog comments about the ethical aspect of the stories, one in particular, presented and whether this was an important part of the themes that were presented. It did help firm up in my mind that we do need to consider ethics in our use of technology and how others, including corporations, use technology.

I found that recording some of the key points with some of my notes the best way of keeping track of my learning. I wasn’t aware of things like Evernote before starting INF530. I had a quick play with it but struggled to work out how to annotate my readings quick enough for me to be happy using that to record my learning progress via that medium. I would like to play and learn a little more in something like Evernote, although I am liking the blogging aspect where others can comment about my learning and the fact that I could use it to record my professional development for my teacher’s registration. I will continue to blog for my professional development in the future as it demonstrate my learning in different areas.

I found some of the comments that other INF530 students posted interesting and affirming of my learning. Rochelle Eggins liked how I could pick out key points that we as educators often get hung up on and don’t get to do much about because of time. Some of what I have blogged about I still haven’t had time to follow up with further discussions of my immediate teaching colleagues, mainly due to time both on their side and mine.

I have reflected on my learning to certain points throughout my blog about some of the key themes

  1. Blog task 4: Connected education in multi-modal environments
  2. Big data and learner analytics
  3. Educational informatics 2
  4. Introducation to educational informatics
  5. Thinking in networks: connectivism

I would say that I have moved on from the unaware person that I was in these topics. Blog task 4 has summed up a lot of my journey in INF530.  Comparing this to Blog task 1, I have definitely learnt a lot from the study in this course. I am now “connected” although I could still improve my connectedness. There is a lot I would still like to follow up that I have been introduced through this subject. I’d like to learn more about curation & notetaking tools like Evernote. I was wanting to do things too quickly for my skillset at the time. I’d also like to look into makerspaces and gamification in school more. I’m looking forward to reading some of the other digital essays on these topics.


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