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Posted by Liz Eckert | Posted in about me, INF530 | Posted on February 26, 2014

Welcome to my new blogging experience 🙂

A little about me….

I’m a mum to 2 young boys (4 1/2 yrs & nearly 2 years old) at the start of this subject. They are a bit of a distraction already to trying to get uni stuff sorted out & done. Currently neither of them like to go to bed early so I can do uni work.

I am a secondary Teacher Librarian (0n contract) – with only a part-time home group (roll class) that I share with another part time teacher. I am not teaching any subjects at this stage this year. During Term 1, 2014, I am working at 0.8 FTE with a base rate for the remainder of the year at 0.6FTE. I was topped up for this term. This may change from term to term as to how much FTE I end up with. I’ve managed to have a whole day off this year as opposed to late starts/early finishes for the day. However, I’m home with my boys on Tuesdays so I’m not sure how much study will be done then if my husband works that day.

I already have completed a M Ed (Teacher Librarianship) through CSU.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot. When I saw the new M Ed and its focus, I was interested as I’ve struggled to get my head around ICT and integrating it in the classroom effectively. I saw it as an easy way to make sure I committed time to learning more about ICT, the library/Resource Centre and general classroom integration. I know I need to understand more than just the bare minimum to be an effective teacher, let alone a innovative, readily employable Teacher Librarian. Being a Teacher Librarian is where my passion is at the moment, more than being in the classroom full-time (or as much as my contracts allow). I’m hoping this may also be the thing that tips me over to gaining a permanent position in a school.

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