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Blog Task 4: Creative Coffee Morning

Creative Bowling Night copy

I decided that in the spirit of creativity and making this project my own, I would branch out and try an event that was a little less coffee morning and a little more bowling night. Using the above poster as a marketing device, I was able to convince 8 people (a pretty small turnout, I know) to come join me at AMF Strike n’ Spare Lanes in Syracuse, NY.

creative bowling night

We had cheap, terrible beer (PBR was on special), bowled and discussed all things creative. One incredibly exciting outcome of the evening was that we collectively decided we wanted make creative sessions a monthly thing, at various venues. Next up is brunch at a favorite local restaurant called Alto Cinco. I realized that while I can’t always change the physical space of a place to meet my creatively inclined needs, and to help inspire ideas in others, I CAN ensure that I change the environment to facilitate the same sort of positive/creative learning outcome.

A few of the people who showed up for the event had backgrounds in early childhood development, and are studying to be School Media librarians so a discussion about creative redesigning of traditional spaces seemed to really resonate with them. Although many people were wary about being captured in photos/videos, I was able to capture a short video of the lovely Jessica Regitano, who was particularly excited about the Vittra School in Stockholm that did away with traditional classrooms and embraced open space, permeable borders and abstract landmarks (Chan, 2012). For those of you who haven’t heard about this school, or need a refresher the architects at Rosan Bach who are responsible for the innovative design had this to say to help clarify the space: “Instead of classical divisions with chairs and tables, a giant iceberg for example serves as cinema, platform, and room for relaxation, and sets the frame for many different types of learning, while flexible laboratories make it possible to work hands-on with themes and projects.” (Chan, 2012.)

And now, a word from Jessica:

The informality of this type of event and the fact that I had a key role in organizing made me super nervous. I also feel that it caused me to hold back some of my creative energy both in the event planning and actual execution. When I organize another one next month, I plan to let my imagination run wild. A key benefit to the informal creative bowling night was that everyone was on a level playing field (no one was standing up front and lecturing or presenting) and thus was easier for all attendees to offer up their thoughts and ideas without fear of a “wrong answer”, if you will. The planning of this event also caused me to realize that you don’t always need money, speakers or a fancy venue to host a successful event. Sometime, all you have to do is ask. All in all, a pretty fun experience and one that I definitely want to keep up with outside the confines of INF536!


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