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Digital storytelling: Context


I am a teacher librarian in a NSW Distance Education primary school. Our students are not on site at the school, and they have varying degrees of internet connectivity, depending on their circumstances. This presents unique challenges in terms of fulfilling the teaching part of my role. These two factors – student connectivity and the […]

Digital literature reviews

image of a young girl operating a tablet computer

Merapi Stories (Website) In 2010, seismic activity around the Merapi Volcano in Indonesia caused a series of devastating eruptions, tragically claiming the lives of approximately 350-400 people and significantly impacting the lives of countless others. The Merapi Stories website explores, through interviews and thematic connections, the experiences of 21 people affected by this natural […]

Library Lion


I came across this lovely reading by actress Mindy Sterling of Library Lion, written by Michelle Knudsen and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes. It comes from Storyline Online, a great source of video readings by actors and actresses. Such a sweet story and such a gorgeous reading! Enjoy! Video source:

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