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Feeling it: Leadership from the library


One of the big ideas I have been grappling with this semester is what it looks and feels like to fulfil the leadership role of the teacher librarian. At the beginning of this year, I didn’t really have any concept of what it meant to be a leader in the library, which you can see […]

Leading from the school library


In much of the current professional dialogue about teacher librarianship, leadership is identified as one of the key roles a teacher librarian (TL) must play within the leadership structure of the school (Purcell, 2010, pp.31-32). In practice, however, the TL can be seen as an “add-on” to the school, making it difficult for him or […]

Following the leader?


When it comes to leadership, I have a lot to learn. It isn’t that I’ve never been a leader – I definitely have, on many an occasion – it is more that I have never engaged with any of the literature on what makes an effective leader that people want to follow! One commonality between […]

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