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Portfolio: Final thoughts on the impact of my studies

Image of an ape in a thinking position.

As I reflect on my studies at Charles Sturt University (CSU) and their subsequent impact on my practice as a teacher librarian, three themes emerge: the role of a teacher librarian, resourcing the curriculum and digital citizenship. In this blog post, my final portfolio, I will explore these three themes, explaining how the things I […]

Implementing a Guided Inquiry Approach


Throughout my life, I have had a number of moments of clarity in which I have heard or read something that has helped me understand myself better. The most recent moment of clarity came a few weeks ago when I began reading and learning about Carol Kuhlthau’s body of work on Information Search Process (ISP) […]

Embrace the question mark!


One of the YouTube videos I watched as part of my studies was a snippet of an interview with Michael Wesch, an American cultural anthropologist. In the video, he calls on teachers to encourage their students to “embrace the question mark,” a sentiment that struck me as being a most excellent phrase to use in […]

Evidence – not such a dirty word!


Evidence. It’s not a particularly popular word in educational settings. Often it is equated with long hours of dotting i’s, crossing t’s and towering piles of paperwork. But in the current educational climate, can we do without it? Most teacher librarians know that they have an impact on student achievement, a generally accepted fact that […]

Quality Teaching with Inquiry Learning and Project-Based Learning


There would be few teachers or teacher librarians who would be happy to say that their teaching was not of a high ‘quality’, but the term ‘Quality Teaching’ has come to mean more than the sum of its parts. In New South Wales, where I work, a Quality Teaching Framework (NSW Department of Education and […]

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