I have added this forum post to my blog so that it may be referenced for my current INF532 assignment.
RE: Module 3.4: Networked peer learning
Based on readings on learning infrastructures, identify three (3) principles or strategies your education community could draw upon to develop a networked peer learning approach as part of the curriculum. Reflect upon how your educational community could achieve this.

I got quite inspired by Wenger, McDermott and Snyder’s recommendations for cultivating communities of practice and have decided to focus my assignment around building CoPs and networks.

I could see the importance of planning and design (content, structure, roles) in order to set up something that can evolve and is vital and lasting; balance of new and familiar (voices, spaces, content), to ensure progress that is not overwhelming; maintain a pulse (of events, communication, interaction) so that involvement is motivating and at the right pace.

Being only 3 weeks into a new position, at the moment I don’t quite have answers about how this might successfully be implemented in my educational community. I hope to consolidate a few ideas before the assignment due date.


Wenger, E., McDermott, R., & Snyder, W. M. (2002). Seven principles for cultivating communities of practice. In Cultivating communities of practice: A guide to managing knowledge (pp. 49-64). Boston: Harvard Business School Press. Retrieved CSU ereserve https://www.csu.edu.au/division/library/ereserve/pdf/wenger-e.pdf