I have added these forum posts to my blog so that it may be referenced for my current INF532 assignment.

Module 2.2: Based on your reading, identify three (3) principles of participation and engagement that you can apply to enhance the development, refinement, or expansion of your PLN.Provide a brief explanation of how you can turn each of these principles into action.

As Kathryn [McGilvray] indicated, I also find my PLN to be a rich source of ideas and learning. Three key points I picked up from this module’s readings are:

1. Optimal participation requires contribution. As Rheingold and Weeks suggest, it is possible to start small with tags and shares etc and grow confidence in contributing. Nesloney’s experience resonated with mine – I have been surprised and affirmed when I have connected through my PLN with those I consider experts. Online PLNs do flatten the conversation and “small” voices can be heard, leading to empowerment and connection.

2. Create and maintain a reliable online identity. Rheinhold discusses maintaining an up to-date-profile, diluting any bad or regrettable content with good. The development of “crap detection” skills are a must here to promote a reliable voice and generate trust with others in a PLN.

3. Find a balance. The idea of Twitter as a “flow” is an important one. There is no way I can keep up with the contributions of my PLN – so I do sample the feed and try to check in with the most relevant/reliable contributors I follow. Kathryn, I love your term “edu PLN fatigue” and I agree, if the PLN is no longer energising it might be time for a break or a little PLN pruning.


Module 2.4: How important is connected learning to you? How do you blend the ‘social’ with the ‘educational’? Share, discuss, question, inquire, refer to additional resources….let’s get to the heart of the matter in this forum!

My networks have been greatly influential in helping me learn over recent years. Without these connections I would miss so many (more) valuable resources, ideas and different ways of thinking. I have largely categorised my use of social media, for example using Facebook for social interaction, Instagram for art, Pinterest for collecting artwork ideas and Twitter for work/study related professional learning and connections. Although there are a few cross overs, I find having some delineation helpful.