I am home from work today with headaches and eye strain, so should probably not be in front of yet another screen; however I am very conscious of my super slow formulation of a topic for my digital essay. I am planning to use Storify and examine the following ideas (although they might change as I read more):

The Arts introduction for the Australian Curriculum makes clear that an integrated approach to arts education has great value in providing innovative opportunities for creative engagement. Hybrid artforms, combining two or more of the traditional arts disciplines are recommended. Implementing this recommendation can be a significant challenge in the school context where subjects have discreet boundaries, with individual curriculum documents and procedures, however fostering a multidisciplinary approach to the arts, including technology and design is a valid and important way of resolving the challenge identified by Craft, that rigidity in curriculum stifles creativity (2003 p.123).
My essay will consider:
  • Approaches to pedagogy that will foster creativity and transliteracy for a digital future
  • Hybrid approaches to the Arts and Technologies that limit constraints on creativity in a digital environment
  • The important role of the teacher in fostering creative confidence in a digital context.