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Hello kind readers,

I am both excited and terrified at the idea of starting this unit and as I am already a week behind, the second emotion is starting to take over!

I am an Art and Design teacher in the Catholic secondary system in Canberra. I have spent the past 5 years working as a coordinator in a girls’ school, teaching only Art/Design¬†and working as Year Coordinator with the Year 12s of 2014. Their completion of school meant it was a good time to look for a new job and a challenge and this I have most certainly found.

I started MEKNDI in July last year, looking for a push to extend myself and a structure to build my skills in the use of classroom technology and educational innovation. It has been a whirlwind so far and I have learnt a lot. Commencing this qualification helped me to gain my new role, teaching in a catholic college in its third year of operation. It is a school seeking to innovate, where leadership value growth mindset in all capacities and students spend 2 days each week engaged in self directed learning.

In my role as a coordinator I am looking after a house group, the arts and technology subjects, I have a mentor class and I am teaching 4 different subjects – Art, IT, English and Religion. I also have other big picture responsibilities that I will find my way around as the year progresses.

It is a very exciting place to be and very relevant to my study in this Masters. I have new perspectives to compare with my old ones, contemporary spaces to teach in and new technologies to explore. At the moment however, it is feeling very overwhelming, particularly when I add in my study and family responsibilities :/ I am hoping to find my way through these challenges, ride the wave rather than drowning in it and continue on the life-long learning pathway.

OK … time to start immersing in INF530 rather than skimming the surface (very thankful for the ACT holiday tomorrow!).