Flipped Classes and Self-Directed Learning

A colleague of INF532 recently commented,

I know that most of what I can do I’ve learnt through self-directed activities, by simply having a go and through the connections I have with my PLN. Surprisingly, many teachers aren’t like me and want the PD “done to them”.

The various readings about flipped classrooms (within the course and links via Twitter), as well as the flipped PD to which my colleague referred in a post on the INF532 Discussion Forum, reminded me of an approach I took to professional learning when a principal at my last school of employment.

My attempt was to “do self-directed PD to them”, if that makes sense. In other words, within Staff Meeting time, I provided an inordinate amount of options for teachers to explore their area(s) of interest in pairs, teams and groups by providing Choice at a Staff Meeting. The willingness to provide choice was based on a Goggle 20% idea and resulted in Unstructured and Non-Commissioned Time for Teachers. This resulted in teachers creating their own PD further to the time provided, as well as engage in online PD via Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms. The feedback makes for interesting reading.




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