Managing Work Load

In order to be a productive teacher librarian in my school community good management skills are vital. Time management is an area that I personally need to strengthen, along with negotiating time with office administrators to carry out tasks in the library. This is where I found Sanders’ (2004) reading on Conflict Resolution to be particularly interesting and relevant to my own professional development. Not that I have conflict with any of my colleagues but it is certainly good to know strategies in case I found myself in that type of situation while negotiating my library administration time. Being new to the position, I often get quite overwhelmed with the duties expected of the teacher librarian. Purcell (2010) encourages teacher librarians and media specialists to identify the tasks that they complete on a day to day basis, highlighting any clerical tasks and noting those tasks as barriers to student inquiry learning (p. 31). I found comfort in this statement and often write notes for my assistant including clerical tasks that can be done by someone else other than myself, this definitely minimises my workload. I even encourage my student monitors and parent helpers to assist in some of these tasks.




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