Application of Technology

There is a different application of using biometric technology.

Airport Security:

Making the journey thru airport terminals greater seamless for passengers is an aim shared with the aid of airports around the world. Biometric technology to verify passenger identities has been used in several big worldwide airports for some of the years and the generation is fast spreading to different places across the globe. in many airports, the top biometric modality choice for immigration manage is iris popularity. with a purpose to use iris popularity, tourists are first enrolled by having an image of their iris and face captured by a digicam. Then, their precise details are saved in an international database for immediate, correct identity at ports of entry and go out that use iris reputation for visitor identity verification.

Attendance System:

The most common biometric functions used for worker identification are faces, fingerprints, finger veins, palm veins, irises, and voice patterns. while a worker tries identification by means of their biological tendencies, a biometric hardware device compares the new scan to all available templates which will locate an actual in shape.


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