Proposed solution to solve research issues

analyzing to the studies paper, there are some problems of biometric technology and it makes failure to a number of factors. For fingerprint popularity, there are number of blunders generate when person use fingerprint because of hardware and software program aren’t correct and now not greater responsive but these days, in fingerprint identification it takes extra time and step to confirm user’s finger and deliver accurate response to them also devices use extra accurate and brief responsive hardware and software for the machine. however, environment additionally outcomes on a fingerprint in order that the greater development for hardware for clean to get right of entry to any sort of surroundings and clean to access them. In face recognition, there is highly fake ration in a single to 1 or many programs due to camera and lighting fixtures so it offers accurate digicam lance with a huge perspective with appropriate mild for the camera and also improves software program which is noticed more point and provide them accurate response because of physiological characteristics mainly lessen accuracy. In iris generation, it offers an accurate reaction however it uses tough glass cowl with lenses so it is the effect of performance so they use thin glass with difficult characteristics so it decreases mirrored image of difficult glass and offers a more accurate response as well as the lower fake ratio. there’s a privateness trouble within the machine due to the fact the use of fingerprint and hand geometry it’s far difficult to recognize about who sue that statistics so it makes greater correct fingerprint and will increase duplication checking to discover the more duplicate statistics and remove from the database.

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