Data collection method and requirements

Data collection method:

The various data collection techniques which can be used on this research are:

  • Questionnaires: Questionnaires are fixed on questions which are organized so they may be requested with the aid of researchers. The questionnaires are mailed to the researchers to be able to solve the questions asked in the questionnaire later on. The questions which can be requested via the questionnaires are quite simple and thus produce effective consequences.
  • Interviews: Interviews of the researchers are performed to get immediate answers and quick effects. Interviews will allow for accumulating the statistics very quickly and is a completely value-powerful method for amassing records (Frick, 2009).
  • Previous work: all the online generals, articles and books that have been written on this regard are searched in order that whole data concerning face recognition gadget may be amassed.


A requirement of compliance:

The compliance requirements which might be related to this research work are: The facts this is accrued have to be from reliable resources and the integrity of the records have to be maintained, and the information accrued have to be self-explanatory and correct.


  1. Frick, K. (2009). Microcosting Quantity Data Collection Methods. Medical Care, 47(Supplement), S76-S81.

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