Pros and cons.


  • Biometrics is extremely difficult to fake. A biometric property which includes a fingerprint or an eye scanner is precise with the aid of definition for every person.
  • Biometrics are strong and enduring, which means that it modifications little or no over the direction of one’s existence and might perceive someone despite little variation through the years.
  • Biometrics affords strong authentication and responsibility, which a person can not later renounce or reprobate having taken an action.
  • the use of dynamic or behavioral biometric measure, the benefit of -element authentication can be taken.


  • One of the major challenges is the process by which the biometric is captured and mapped to an identity. Lack of accuracy in capturing, the partial capture of data and binding can lead to failure of the system.
  • privacy is one of the most important concerns of the biometric solution. If the servers storing biometric data is hacked, it is able to have extremely critical effects for people.
  • another most important drawback is the high price that is worried in getting the systems up and running and also storing and maintaining.

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