Why we need? and characteristics

Why we need the biometric system?

That allows you to keep away from the problems of forgetting passwords and identity codes, Biometrics-primarily based authentication facilitates us in verifying your fingerprints, iris pattern, and voice for your identification in many places such as A.T.M’s, Airports and more, you could unlock your houses, withdrawing cash from a bank with only a blink of an eye fixed, a tap of your finger or via simply showing your face.


Characteristics of the system:

There are several characteristics of this system but there are main seven characteristics such as:

  1. Universal,
  2. uniqueness,
  3. permanence,
  4. collectibility,
  5. performance,
  6. circumvention and
  7. acceptability.

In the biometric system, protection is a way to protect files or property. Evolution on security has been a consistent way on enhancing the methods and approaches on having an powerful protection device. Biometric device is one of the effective methods when it comes to protection. There some fingerprint biometric gadget and iris recognition might be mentioned. also, some other varieties of the biometric system.

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