Arizona State University Youtube and Web 2.0 tools

“The Library Minute” is a playlist from the Arizona State University (ASU) YouTube channel. This playlist includes 20 one minute videos covering topics such as services offered (ASU Libraries, 2009, June, 25), guides and tutorials (Arizona State University, Tempe Campus, 2011, January, 28), events (Arizona State University, Tempe Campus, 2011, August, 16), physical layout and space (Arizona State University, Tempe Campus, 2011, November, 30), and resources available (ASU Libraries, 2009, July, 7). A wide range of information is covered and the videos are well edited and presented. The short time frame provides a succinct overview of what the library has to offer so that, in addition to be a great source of information, the videos can also be seen as a great promotional tool for the library. However, this particular playlist does not create regular uploads and the videos are dated from 2009-2013 so there have been no videos made in the last three years. I think for the channel to reach a greater number of students and to remain relevant to the community it would benefit from more up-to-date and regular content being uploaded.

ASU have other services available through their wordpress blog. The site is user-friendly, engaging, easy to navigate and informative but the emphasis is not on user-generated content but rather the sharing of information. However, the site is interconnected to all of their social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook which offers users multiple ways to interact.

The videos in particular represent the underlying principles of Web 20 including ‘content creation’ which refers to the creative and technical process of making and uploading a video. The interactive nature of Youtube encourages viewers to interact and leave their comments which enables ‘conversation’ and the creation of a ‘community’ within the video medium as well as physical library. This sense of community building and conversing represents the ethos of Web 2.0 and what can be described as “an attitude, not a technology” (Miller, 2005, para. 3 ).


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