Big Data

With the advance of technology researchers, scholars, organisations and retailers are able to access Big Data. Big Data is characterised by large data sets that can be searched, aggregated and cross-referenced (Boyd & Crawford).

Will largescale search data help us create better tools, services, and public goods? Or will it usher in a new wave of privacy incursions and invasive marketing? Will data analytics help us understand online communities and political movements? Or will analytics be used to track protesters and suppress speech? Will large quantities of data transform how we study human communication and culture, or narrow the palette of research options and alter what ‘research’ means? (Boyd & Crawford, 2012, p. 663)

The video below explains how Big Data can be used by retailers. Should we be concerned about targeted (pun intended) marketing or can it be beneficial?


Boyd, D., & Crawford, K. (2012). Critical questions for Big Data, Information, Communication & Society. 15(5), 662-679. DOI: 10.1080/1369118X.2012.678878

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