March 9, 2014

1.1 Evolution of Web: Global Digital Statistics

I love infographics!

Reach of mobile technology worldwide – nearly 100% across urban AND rural communities

mobile penetration

More than 1 mobile device across many regions

mobile penetration

Interesting – more time on laptop/desktop.  For me, I use mobile for QUICK FIXES of internet, and laptop for more intense searching.  Mobile phone = “fast & furious”, “need it now” use of internet.  Laptop = searching for use at school, study, more prolonged searching.  iPad use tends to be a combination of both.  This reflects this data.

“…a global information ecosystem with nodes of socially connected mobile devices where interaction is key, and where mobile devices are providing visual, text, and sound connections to evolving conversations.”

Vygotsky’s social contructivism in the digital age – socially connected devices where interaction is key

Various learning styles & strengths/multiple intelligences catered for in variety of ways we connect & construct meaning – visual, sound text

Love the use of the term EVOLVING CONVERSATIONS – implies cyclical, changing, growing, developing, tangential aspect of conversations.  Substitute word ‘LEARNING’ for conversations to describe what a productive learning environment should look like today. Learning is PARTICIPATORY – we have to be willing to have a go at trying new things, risking some failures and celebrating successes.  We have a responsibility as educators to TRY new things

Need to do some more reading about MAKER SPACES…