October 10, 2016

Being Inspired to Inspire: Paying it Forward


pay-it-forwardImage by Sharon & Nikki McCutcheon under CC BY 2.0 licence


I have felt some frustration in having to take a few backward steps in my practice this year.  I have moved from a small, innovative primary school where I worked collaboratively with colleagues to embed contemporary learning practices into our practice, to a very large K-12 school where I see pockets  of innovation.  I am finding it challenging working with a much larger staff, many of whom feel pressured to view learning as getting-through-the-syllabus-in-my-subject-area-so-students-can-get-good-marks.  I want to make a difference to the learning culture in my new workplace.

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August 5, 2016

Stop! But go too…

I think the manic energy of Mem Fox’s Magic Hat and the Wizard’s call for a halt can help inform our digital future:

magic hat

I really resonated with Selwyn’s (2010) article about critical study in educational technology, and our need to stop and focus and learn from the “state of the actual” instead of always looking for the “state of the art”.  At a recent Education Nation conference, Dr Simon Breakspear called for a slowing down too, when he suggested a halt to education research for the next 10 years, so that we don’t have to take on more new ideas without having time to try out what we already know.  Tongue in cheek perhaps, but heartfelt nevertheless.  It’s a challenging notion, given that we are living in a time when change is occurring at a phenomenal rate.

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