August 2, 2015

ENGAGING with Digital Literature…

…not just ACCESSING it.

As a teacher in a primary school, my pedagogy has to ensure that technology and digital literature is embedded into my educational practice to encourage ENGAGEMENT rather than access alone.  Much of what I consider to be good teaching practise in a 21st century learning environment (best described as a blend of a constructivist theory of learning,  embedded within a learning environment informed by Siemen’s theory of connectivism/Jenkin’s “participatory culture” (2006 in Walker, 2010)  should allow for this engagement to happen.

Jen Robert’s TECH model  has helped to me to reflect on the importance of focusing on what the SAMR model means for me as a teacher, and my students, rather than simply on how to use technology in learning tasks.  I recognise many of the learning experiences I plan in the ENHANCED and CHOICE sections of the TECH model (the units of work collaboratively planned with classroom teachers), and some in the HANDOFF section (Monday Afternoon Clubhouse in the CLiC after school each Monday – our version of the Genius Hour).

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August 29, 2014

Design Thinking and Multi-literacy

Image by Analfabetismo2013unesco CC BY-SA 3.0

Image by Analfabetismo2013unesco CC BY-SA 3.0

I am currently working in collaboration with two of my teaching colleagues on implementing a multi-literacy program in their Year 5 classrooms, in response to their concerns about some of their students (especially boys) not engaging with reading and writing tasks, and therefore not learning to their potential. Continue reading